Berlin, 07.11.2017 – evania video, a leading publisher management platform in the video advertising industry, announced their integration with  Protected Media’s fraud prevention solution. The partnership will provide evania video with advanced cyber security tools to deliver the most powerful defense against ad fraud.

Fraudulent traffic has been a concern among digital ad buyers and marketers, and the issue is even more acute with  programmatic trading. Sophisticated evaluation of the legitimacy of ad impressions and precise data verification is an effective way to ensure  high ad quality.  ​

“We are proud to provide evania video with the in-depth information, at the impression level, that is required to diagnose problematic traffic”, said Amichai Zuntz, Executive Vice President at Protected Media. “We are gratified to be working with successful digital marketing suppliers like evania video, who take special measures to verify and ensure that the online traffic they bring results in solid sales leads.”

“Our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest standards of inventory quality has lead us to partner with Protected Media. We look forward to using their fraud prevention  solutions to help us ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the highest industry ad quality standards .” said Oded Shoham, CEO at evania video GmbH.

About evania video GmbH
evania video GmbH is a software driven company with focus on providing Publishers and Sales Houses with a proprietary and complete programmatic video advertising solution, including robust player technology, strong monetization options, and a wide variety of premium video content.  The company has a strong foothold in the DACH publisher eco-system, and has recently begun to expand its business to other international markets.

About Protected Media
Protected Medias solutions enable buyers and sellers of digital advertising to ensure that display mobile and video ads are properly located, visible, and seen by real people.  Protected Medias technology provides in-depth information at the impression level to detect problematic traffic so agencies can work side by side with publishers to identify and eliminate suspicious activity to dramatically increase over-all ad quality.

Acquisition to accelerate evania video’s presence in programmatic video advertising

Berlin, 18.09.2017: Main Capital Partners has acquired a majority stake in the programmatic video solution provider evania video GmbH. Based in Berlin and with a strong local presence, evania video has shown impressive growth rates since founding in 2016.

By acquiring a majority stake, Main Capital will actively support evania video in further international expansion, as well diversifying and strengthening the company’s offerings, among others through selective and complementary acquisitions. Although there are no immediate changes expected in the current business, with the support of MCP the companies expect to continue broadening the solutions, services and markets of evania video.

We are thrilled to have Main Capital Partners onboard as a majority shareholder, and are confident that they are the ideal strategic partner for the continued and accelerated growth of evania video programmatic video advertising solutions.” (Oded Shoham, CEO and Co-Founder, evania video GmbH)

Quote from MCP
evania video offers a self-developed, innovative solution for international publishers and sales houses to efficiently monetize the constantly increasing demand for video inventory. In addition to continuing the already demonstrated impressive growth, we see significant opportunities to further expand the business through intelligent acquisitions in the highly dynamic Advertising and Marketing Technology market.” (Charly Zwemstra, Managing Partner, Main Capital Partners)

About Main Capital

Main Capital is a private equity and Mezzanine Capital investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux and DACH area. Within this sector, MCP are the most specialized company in management buyouts and later-stage growth capital. Main Capital has approximately € 300 million under management for investments in mature but growing software companies in the Benelux and DACH area. An experienced team of professionals manages the Private Equity Funds.

About evania video

evania video GmbH focuses on providing Publishers and Sales Houses with a proprietary and complete programmatic video advertising solution, including robust player technology, strong monetization options, and a wide variety of premium video content. The company has a strong foothold in the DACH publisher eco-system, and has recently begun to expand its business to other international markets.


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Jana Balusikova
evania video GmbH
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You go on a website, it’s loading and suddenly you are being overwhelmed with sounds, videos and advertisement. Naturally, you feel annoyed and install an adblocker on your web browser. This in return leads to less revenue for the publisher, who finances premium sites through advertising. If a premium site does not generate enough revenue, it won’t be for free for the user. This again will force the user to buy or even give up the premium content.


Both parties in this scenario are unsatisfied. Of course, in an age where print media has nearly no demand, publishers depend on online traffic like never before. But should the user give up their freedom and comfort for that?

For too long surfing the internet turned into a chain of popping up advertisement and it took the industry too long to act against this. Yes, online advertising is an industry and it needs its space to work. And yes, to offer free access to premium content, the publisher needs to monetize its inventory with advertisement. But no, the user experience should not suffer this to the extent that his or her web experience turns into a nightmare of spam ads. So how are we supposed to break this never-ending back and forth? Luckily, video advertising has found its way to please both the publisher and the user.

desktop video player

Not using native advertising, but a video content changes the user experience immensely. Instead of showing a pure ad without any frame, the advertisement is embedded in a player which shows video content. This video is not advertising or chosen by any brand – it can be informative, performative, entertaining. The ad is played during this video and does hereby not dominate the player content. A non-advertising content is a more positive experience for the user, not stressing the eyes and not distracting from web surfing. Video advertising is an alternative to native advertising showing a more qualitive performance not only for the advertiser, but also for the publisher.


One of the positive side effects of video advertising is also the sound off. Yes, advertisement or video content with the sound on lays way behind and we should stop wishing for it. Nothing is more disturbing than being on mobile web, scrolling down an article and suddenly sound turns on – while you’re on the overcrowded metro.

Thinking of the user’s experience the sound needs to be off by default. It should be a choice given to the user whether the sound is turned on or not. The new trend is to have subtitles in a video – hereby the user can still watch the content in the player, with the sound off, and not miss the plot or advertisement. The latter example shows how publishers and advertiser are taking the user into account and finding ways of monetizing inventory not at cost of the user’s experience.

These changes in the industry show not only how vibrant the progress in programmatic advertising is, but also how responsive. The increase of the usage of ad blockers has led to changes in the format, which again will be appreciated by the user. If the user experience is not neglected but acknowledged, the next update of the ad blocker will be skipped, which again will make both advertiser and publisher happier.



Berlin , 25.01.2017: evania video, a pioneer in programmatic video solutions for publishers, announced that Alexander Franke has joined the company as the Director of Publisher Development.

Since joining the team in January, Franke is responsible for strengthening and expanding the customer base of publishing houses and marketers in the DACH region. He will introduce evania video’s strong programmatic video capabilities to publishers and sales houses looking to increase their monetization capabilities across desktop, mobile web and in-app inventory.

Alexander Franke. Photo: Urban Ruths

Alexander Franke. Photo: Urban Ruths

Having spent over 15 years in the advertising market, Alexander comes with a wealth of experience, deep know-how in the digital industry and an extensive network. Alexander joins evania video from plista, where he was the Director Publisher Development.

CEO & Co-Founder Oded Shoham commented „We are delighted to have Alexander on board. His experience and knowledge of the German publisher eco-system, coupled with the EVS- evania video’s proprietary mobile video ad technology, will bring immense value and increased revenue to publishers across the DACH region.”

“The unique proposition of evania video lies in the simplicity of its solution that brings higher turnover to all involved parties. The functionality has already been proven, now it is time to make the solution available to a wide audience and I am really looking forward to it,” said Alexander Franke about his decision to strengthen the evania video team.

About evania video

Headquartered in Berlin, evania video provides publishers with programmatic video solutions, helping them create new revenue sources from already existing inventory, including desktop, mobile web and in-app inventory. Publishers can monetize their advertising space with evania video and cooperate with leading advertisers. The technology company collaborates with the biggest publishers and sales houses in DACH and other EU markets.

evania video was founded by video marketing experts Oded Shoham (CEO) and Hagai Sadot (COO), with the aim to provide the biggest global programmatic platforms an entry point to the European market, while offering local premium publishers a full-stack programmatic video solution.


Press contact:
Jana Balusikova
evania video GmbH
+49 30 346 4664 – 22

dmexco takes place every year in September in the wonderful city of Cologne. If you are working in the field of digital marketing and media industry, this important event has most probably the top priority on your event list. But do you know everything about the dmexco?  We have summed up the most interesting facts about the fair only for you.

evania video dmexco


41.6 visitors for one taxi

There is around 1200 taxi licenses in the whole Cologne. If all of them came to pick up dmexco visitors at the same time, you´d still need to share a taxi with 41 other people.

However, this year there is another big expo taking place at the same time. This means you might actually have to share a taxi with 59 people…

Good luck!

47.900 events take place in Cologne annually.

It is almost impossible to get bored in Cologne – there is always something happening! On average, you can choose from 131 events daily.

Cologne has the sixth biggest exhibition space in the world.

With around 284.000 square meters, Cologne offers to its exhibitors and visitors one of the biggest exhibition spaces ever. It is as huge as 36 Cologne cathedrals!

More than 50.000 visitors are expected for this year´s dmexco fair.

Ifall 50,000 visitors to dmexco held hands in a line, it would be long enough to circle the earth. Twice.

50% of exhibitors are internetional companies

Germany is home to the largest advertising market  and the second largest digital advertising market in Europe after the UK – no wonder that dmexco became a highly important event not only for digital economy participants from Germany, but from all over the world.

evania video in the Hall 6 at the dmexco ♥

dmexco bannerWe are proud to inform you that you can find us at the dmexco 2016, as well! Our team will be waiting for you in the Hall 6, booth F013 G012. Come by for a small chat with coffee & snacks or even better –  set up a meeting in advance through our contact form. We can´t wait to see you there this year!







There is a lot of processes and complexity behind the communication of the video ad, video player and third parties. To enable this process in a scalable way, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) set up two important standards – VAST and VPAID.

Common usage of these standards brings essential advantages to all affected subjects:

advantages of VAST and VPAID

  • Reducing expensive technical barriers – you don’t have to spend time and resources on training, developing, and managing custom video ads for ad networks/servers/third-party
  • Saving time – applying unified standards means less time invested in adapting the ad communication to another party
  • Scalability – more volume for publishers to sell and more ad serving impressions for advertisers, which brings in more revenue. It´s a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers.


VAST stands for the Video Ad Serving Template, a universal specification developed by the IAB for serving video ads.

You can think about VAST as about a universal language used for delivering video ads to digital video players. Structured this way, the ad sever provides consistent instructions to the video player on how to handle an ad – It tells your video player what the ad should do:

  • which ad should the player play
  • how it should show up in the player
  • how long it should display
  • whether the ad is skippable
  • where to find the ad
  • and what the click-through URL is

How it works


  1. A publisher’s video player makes an ad request to its Primary ad server (probably own Publisher´s ad server)
  2. If there is no suitable running campaign at the primary ad server, the advertising party sends a VAST Wrapper response identifying resources from a secondary ad server.
  3. A publisher’s video player makes an ad request to the Secondary Ad Server.
  4. The Secondary Ad Server can respond
    1. with a Wrapper XML pointing to another Secondary Ad Sever (if there is no ad available)
    2. or respond with a VAST-formatted XML document describing the ad to be shown.
  5. Based on the XML response, a set of tracking URIs will be requested by the Video Player for reporting purposes. Both the Primary Ad Server and all Secondary Ad Servers must record impressions.

VAST Ads are fast and responsive, with minimum security issues. Based upon a very simple technology, VAST provides only little amount of information to the advertiser, without an option of an additional banner overlapping the video.

With only VAST tag, no interaction with creative is possible when video is playing (apart from basic functionality like play or full screen). For any further interaction between the ad and the player, the VPAID tag needs to be inserted inside of the VAST wrapper.


Built upon VAST, VPAID stands for The Video Player-Ad Interface Definition. It is a universal specification developed for further interaction between ad units and video players. As a result of high degree of “customization” and interactivity, VPAID can provide more premium experience in terms of video ads.

A VPAID ad is served within the standard VAST wrapper with an interactive file instead of a standard non-interactive video. Upon the VAST tag, it provides us possibility of

  • non-linear ads
  • interaction with the user
  • preloading an ad unit before its rendering
  • tracking each event by user accurately
  • additional information, enhanced viewer analytics for the advertiser
  • customizable options

Thanks to API, whenever any change happens in VPAID, all publisher players will be updated automatically without any need for manual implementation of template.

How it works


  1. The player makes an ad call to the ad server.
  2. The ad server responds with a VPAID-compliant executable ad unit wrapped in a VAST XML
  3. The video player and the ad unit remain in communication as the ad executes and displays to the user. Using VPAID, the video player can get and set properties for the ad unit, and the ad unit can dispatch events to the video player.
  4. The video player and the ad unit can each send impression and activity tracking requests to their respective ad servers.

Before VAST and VPAID, there was no common established protocol for communication with video players in digital video advertising, which made the transfer of information between all the affected parties technically more complicated. In order to serve simple in-stream or rich-media video ads to multiple publishers in an easy and scalable way, VAST and VPAID contributed to even faster development of video advertising. Both advertising protocols became this way a convenient must-have for any advertiser, publisher or third party that has something to do with the communication around the digital video ad.

  • Webseiteneinnahmen steigern, Kampagnen erfolgreicher umsetzen – Programmatic Video und Mobile Video sind das Marketing-Werkzeug der Zukunft
  • Internationale Video-Experten Oded Shoham und Hagai Sadot launchen evania video in Deutschland

Berlin, den 31. März 2016: Programmatic Video ist derzeit in aller Munde. Vor allem internationale Publisher und Werbetreibende beschäftigen sich mehr und mehr mit dieser Technologie und wünschen sich mehr Professionalität im deutschsprachigen Bereich. evania video setzt genau hier an und etabliert die Programmatic Video Technologie nun auch in Deutschland. Der Online-Vermarkter evania aus Berlin hat sich seit Gründung 2008 in den Bereichen E-Mail-, Display- und Video-Werbung einen Namen gemacht und stärkte mit der Gründung von evania video im Jahr 2014 noch intensiver seine Kompetenzen in Programmatic Video. Die Sparte Bewegtbild wurde mit der Zeit so erfolgreich, dass nun geplant ist, diese in eine neue Gesellschaft abzuspalten, damit sich evania video nun voll und ganz auf diesen Bereich konzentrieren kann. Mit Unterstützung der internationalen Video-Experten Hagai Sadot und Oded Shoham bietet das Unternehmen für Publisher und Advertiser gleichermaßen gesammelte Video- und Mobile Video-Expertise.

Die Werkzeuge zum Erfolg: Programmatic Video und innovative Player-Lösung
Die derzeitige Herausforderung der Online-Video-Branche liegt darin, dass sie sowohl bei den Inhalten als auch in der Vermarktung immer wieder neu umdenken muss. Um vor allem als Vorreiter in puncto Programmatic Video wahrgenommen zu werden, orientiert sich evania video an dem technischen Fortschritt internationaler Online-Marketing-Methoden. Mit diesem Konzept beweist das junge Unternehmen, dass traditionelle Buchungsprozesse nicht mehr sequentiell durchgeführt werden müssen, sondern automatisiert und parallel von statten gehen können. Vor allem für Publisher zahlt sich diese Technologie aus, da der deutsche Markt in diesem Bereich bisher noch in den Kinderschuhen steckte und Programmatic eine neue Einnahmequelle mit höheren Erträgen darstellt.

Mit dem einfach zu implementierenden Video-Player stellt evania video zudem die Basis für erfolgreiche Werbekampagnen. Dieser Player ist auch in Zeiten mobiler Endgeräte auf Smartphones wie auch Tablets flexibel einsetzbar.

Hagai Sadot & Oded Shoham

Hagai Sadot & Oded Shoham

Internationale Marketing-Expertise bei evania video
Die wachsende Bedeutung von Programmatic Video erkannten die Video-Experten Hagai Sadot und Oded Shoham sehr früh. Beide stellten ihre Fähigkeiten bereits bei internationalen Unternehmen erfolgreich unter Beweis: Oded Shoham baute die Videoabteilung eines der größten internationalen Werbenetzwerke der Welt auf, während Marketing-Experte Hagai Sadot für die strategische Positionierung einiger erfolgreicher Unternehmen zuständig war. Sie erkannten, dass hierzulande die USA und UK Vorbilder im Bereich Online Video Marketing sind – Deutschland aber den rasanten Marktentwicklungen hinterher hinkt. Gemeinsam bündelten sie ihr Wissen und gründen nun evania video mit dem Ziel, die internationale Nachfrage nach einer Full-Stack-Lösung im Bereich Programmatic Video zu bedienen und mit der Expertise des internationalen Marktes auch in Europa zu punkten. „Unsere Video-Lösungen bieten ideale Ergebnisse, sei es bei der Reichweite und Effizienz von Werbekampagnen oder der Steigerung der Webseiteneinnahmen“, sagt evania video Co-Founder Hagai Sadot. Nun arbeiten Sadot und Shoham bei evania video daran, dass Publisher und Advertiser mit ihren Video-Lösungen den technischen Vorsprung aufholen, ihre Einnahmen optimieren, Kampagnenziele erreichen und dem steigenden Wettbewerbsdruck die Stirn bieten können.

Über evania
Mit seinem Hauptsitz in Berlin bietet evania video Publishern programmatische Video-Lösungen und hilft ihnen aus bereits bestehendem Inventar neue Einnahmequellen zu erschließen. Das Team um die Video-Experten Oded Shoham und Hagai Sadot konzentriert sich vornehmlich auf Programmatic Video. Für Publisher bietet evania video eine Full-Stack-Lösung, die modernste Technologie, hochwertige Video-Inhalte und umfassende Monetarisierungslösungen miteinander kombiniert. Für Advertiser ist evania video der beste Zugang zum höchst lukrativen europäischen Online-Video-Markt.
evania video wurde 2014 von Oded Shoham (CEO) und Hagai Sadot (COO) ins Leben gerufen. Der Sitz des Unternehmens ist in Berlin.


Pressekontakt: Stefanie Möser | Mashup Communications GmbH | | +49­ 30 832 11 974